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Preserving isn't only for preppers and homesteaders -- If you have a Medical Issue, Food Preservation May be For you!

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What this Website is All About

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This website is operated entirely on donations.  I have no affiliations with any company that would cause me to have a bias toward that company.  If you see a link to another website, it's because I think highly of that website.  If I do receive a product at discount to review, I will state that in the article about the product.  If you like what I am trying to accomplish, I would very much appreciate the financial assistance - any amount you like - at any time you like. . . . and Thank You!

I also am not involved in any social media - not Facebook - not Twitter - nothing.  I used to be on them all, but they are insidious and I need to stay focused on my mission - this website.  If you are on social media and would like to tell your followers about this website, that would be awesome! but I will leave that up to you.

It is my goal with this website to provide information about canning and dehydrating as it pertains to health, being prepared and dealing with the world we all find ourselves now living in.  I may at times seem a bit out of the box or push your comfort zone with information or my viewpoint, but really, that is my goal - to present an alternate thought - to question the status quo - to cause you to get informed and then to form your OWN opinion about a given subject - be it something going on in the world or about canning or dehydrating.  I hope you enjoy the website as it develops.

I grew up in the deep south on a small farm - we had a garden, milk cows, meat rabbits, chickens, a horse, a cat (for the mice) and plenty of dogs.  My uncle ran a (cow) slaughter business and I grew up helping him in the slaughterhouse --- life was real.

You could buy anything you wanted at the store, but it was a long drive and more expensive than having our own.  I remember my mother hand grinding meat for hamburger, canning foods, churning butter and the usual kitchen stewardship projects.

Fast forward several decades (I'm not saying how many!) and many aspects of daily life in our modern world are very different.  While you can go to the grocery store (or even call and have it delivered) many products are full of extra ingredients that are questionable for our health --food additives, colors, preservatives, stabilizers and the like.  Even fairly innocuous sounding ingredients like vinegar and citric acid are not what they seem and for anyone with health issues, all of these 'extras' can be even more detrimental to our health.

I have Lupus - and if you know anything about Lupus, it never travels alone, but rather brings a mix of other 'friends' along for the ride.  Kind of like a dalmation, everyone who has Lupus has a different mix of issues, but it is really all related to having a compromised immune system.  All sorts of things found in processed foods give me trouble, gluten is not my friend, most milk products, any kind of processed sugars (even stevia) -- you get the idea.  We eat at home a lot.

Many people have food allergies/sensitivities and need to avoid those foods.  When you preserve your own food by canning or dehydrating, you have complete control over every ingredient that goes in that jar.  You can reach in your pantry to prepare a meal with complete confidence in the content and quality of your personal food supply.

Is it a lot of work?  Of course it is, but how important is your health?  Do you trust our current food supply chain?  Do you want to be dependent on a store having inventory or being able to get to the store for that matter?  The recent Covid experience should be a wake up call that you need to take responsibility and have your OWN personal supply of food - whether because of another Pandemic (and there will be more of them) or because of a personal health issue.

Even if you are not concerned with availability of food at the store, if you have a medical issue - say Lupus - and you have a bad few days, just when your body needs the very best nutrition you can give it, you have the least amount of energy to cook a meal - or to go to town to get fresh produce, etc.  You can put together a wholesome, nutritious meal with all safe ingredients for you in 15 minutes if you have the food in your pantry.

When it comes to being prepared, you are the only one you can trust to do it the way you need - the foods you need - and the quantities you need.  I hope this website will be of help to you in your journey.

And finally . . . to answer the question "Why?" . . .

In the Beginning . . . . .

         . . . First Blog . . . Why Do This?

April 10, 2020

There has to a "first" for everything - a bigger question might be "Why?"

I'm retired - I should be going for walks with my dogs and having lunch with my friends.  I tried that for a while, but I don't do the "retired" thing very well - actually I don't do it well at all.  I need to be constructive - a part of the world - do what I can to make the world better.  For me, a life motto has always been the words of Henry David Thoreau . . . on Pursuing Life . .  in a letter to H.G.O. Blake, March 27, 1848:

"Pursue, keep up with, circle round and round your life as a dog does his master's chaise.  Do what you love.  Know your own bone; gnaw at it, unearth it, and gnaw it still.  Do not be too moral.  You may cheat yourself out of much life so.  Aim above morality.  Be not simply good - be good for something.  All fables indeed have their morals, but the innocent enjoy the story.  Let nothing come between you and the light."

I have a reasonable body of knowledge about canning and dehydrating - and about cooking healthy food.  I have personal health challenges and through my own journey have learned the importance of preserving food that is healthy for me to eat - without any ingredients that are harmful to me.  I believe in the importance of taking personal responsibility for your own health, home and the little piece of this world that you have any degree of control over.  I wanted to share my experience - and my perspective - about food, health, being prepared and the world we live in - with the hopes that somewhere in the dialogue you will find a glimmer of something that will help you in your journey as it has helped me in mine.

Ann Stanley

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