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Canning Dehydrating Recipes from the Pantry
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Soaked and Dehydrated Nuts

If you are new to dehydrating, check out the Dehydrating FAQs Page - it will answer a LOT of your questions!

Soaking and then dehydrating nuts makes them CRUNCHY! and this process reduces the lectins as well as maintains the healthy enzymes in the nuts.

1) Place nuts (tree nuts:  almonds, walnuts, pecans, etc) in a glass or stainless steel bowl.  Cover with filtered water (I used bottled spring water).  Cover bowl and let soak 12 hours or overnight.
You do not want to use tap water because of any 'additives' (floride, etc) in the water.  Neither do you want to use distilled because it would leach minerals out of the nuts. 
2) Drain the nuts and rinse thoroughly - until the water is clear.

3) Spread nuts on dehydrator trays and load trays into the dehydrator.

Set dehydrator for 125 degrees and turn on.

Drying will take from 12-18 hours (sometimes much longer)
Nuts are done when they are CRUNCHY!
To test - take a nut out of the dehydrator, let cool a bit, and when cool, eat - if it's not crunchy yet, leave to dehydrate longer.
Extra thoughts:
You can dry the nuts at a lower temperature to retain more of the live enzymes.  The manual that came with your dehydrator will explain more, but in general foods that are dried at lower temperature (about 118 degrees) will retain the 'live' enzymes naturally found in the food - but it will take much longer to dehydrate.

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