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Canning Dehydrating Recipes from the Pantry
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Limes - or any other Citrus

If you are new to dehydrating, check out the Dehydrating FAQs Page - it will answer a LOT of your questions!

1) Wash and trim ends of limes.

2) Slice limes thinly - about 1/8" inch pieces.  If some are a bit thicker, it's ok - they will just take longer to dry.

3) Spread lime slices on the dehydator trays in a single layer.

4) Set dehydrator temperature at 135 degrees.

Drying will take from 6-10 hours
Limes are finished when they are completely dry and brittle.

Note:  For 'live' food and to minimize the 'browning' effect, dry for a longer time at 125 degrees.

For citrus powder - simply grind the dry slices in a blender or coffee grinder and keep in airtight container.

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