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Canning Dehydrating Recipes from the Pantry
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Chicken Drumsticks --
      Raw Pack

This is a quick way to can chicken - and you get the extra health benefits of leaving the bones in - think bone broth goodness - with the caveat that you have to take the bones out when you use the chicken.

Also - you are NOT filling the jars with liquid.  You can add a small amount of liquid - never more than 1/2 way up the jar - but you have to allow for the liquid that will cook out of the chicken itself.

1) Clean and wash 7 wide-mouth quart jars (assuming your canner holds 7).  Put a small pot of water on to boil - when boiling, turn heat off, add seals to warm up, cover and set aside.

2) Pack jars with drumsticks - put 4 drumsticks with large part down - in the bottom of the jar. 
If desired, add 1/3 cut clean spring water (do not use more liquid than 1/3 cup)
Add 1/2 to 1 tsp salt to each jar.
With wood or plastic stick/stirrer debubble jars.
Add 2 more drumsticks per jar. (if small drumsticks, you may be able to fit 3 on the top layer)

3) Wet a paper towel with vinegar and use to wipe rims of the jars.  I reach inside the rim a little bit to remove any grease that may be near the top of the neck.  Turn the paper towel frequently.  I do this twice.  You MUST remove ANY grease or you will not get a seal.

4) Add seals (lids) and rings - only screwing the rings on finger-tight.

5) Place in Pressure-Canner and process according to manufacturer instructions:
(You know - the usual - vent for 10 minutes - add the weight and bring up to pressure)

Process at 10# in a weighted gauge canner and 11# in a dial gauge canner
(at sea level).

Make Sure to Adjust for Your Altitude
(Altitude Adjustment Chart)

Quarts:  75 minutes

Note:  Chicken with the bone IN needs slightly less time than chicken without the bone.  Because this recipe leaves the bone in, the 75 minutes for quarts is correct.

Another Note:  You will have extra air space inside the jars - this is perfectly fine and will not hurt anything.  If the jar is sealed, you are golden. 

If you are new to canning - or just want to see how I do it - check out my Personal Canning Routine

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