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Are you ready for mandatory Universal Vaccination?
Do you know it alters your DNA?
Do you know it's already in human trials?  Do you know it will be global?
DNA-Based Vaccines Are Straight Ahead

Alternate Definition:

Lazy:  "I've Got People!"

Sunshine or Antiobiotics?

The DHS - Department of Homeland Security - has been working 15 hours a day, seven days a week since the onset of Covid19 to discover the secret to preventing/curing Covid19.  They needed to know how long it lasts on surfaces - and under what conditions - how long does it linger in the air - how can we best kill the virus?  They have worked diligently and tirelessly . . .. and what did they discover caused the virus to die the quickest ? Sunlight - outside - fresh air - humidity.

Sunlight!   Yep, the cure of the ages, sunlight has been a known disinfectant since 1882 when the German microbiologist, Robert Koch who discovered TB proved that sunlight would kill the TB virus. (Source:  The Sunlight Institute).

Not only does the sunlight actually kill the virus itself (Covid19) - in the air and on surfaces - but when our skin is exposed to the sunlight, awesome things happen inside the body to help us resist - or combat - the virus.  When the skin is exposed to the sun's UVB rays (midday sun) vitamin D is made from the cholesterol in the skin.  Vitamin D is necessary for the proper function of your immune system - and vitamin D is known to participate in the activation of white blood cells which help fight infection. 

A Commercial Application . . . .

The flu season of 2017/2018 killed over 80,000 people - and how did the hospitals disinfect their equipment?  Current research at the time showed promise in a specific spectrum of ultraviolet light.  Far-UVC was effective at killing airborne viruses without causing harm to human (or rat) skin.  There needs to be more research on far-UVC but this would be a very welcome alternative to the awful antiseptic stuff emitted from the machines on the walls in public bathrooms and meeting facilities.  To anyone with a chemical sensitivity, those machines (and any aerosol disinfectant like Lysol) are poison.

Fast forward to now and Covid19 has created a shortage of hospital equipment like gown, masks, etc.  Hospitals are turning to UV light as a method of disinfecting equipment so it can be safely used more than once. 

But what about once you're sick?  Is sunlight the cure after infection?  Should the body be subjected to UV rays directly?  This technique is still up for debate, but a healthy dose of outside, fresh air and direct sunlight on your body is a great part of a healthy routine to not only build up the immune system, but help the body eliminate a virus/bacteria that has taken up residence.

So why on earth are cities/states around the country so bent on forcing people to stay inside?
Is it really about your safety?

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