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Canning Dehydrating Recipes from the Pantry
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Dehydrating Frozen Vegetables

Whether you are just getting started or a pro at dehydrating foods, one of the easiest things to dehydate is frozen vegetables.  It's always preferable to have home grown or fresh organic vegetables, but sometimes you just need something different, or maybe you are building a pantry and need a head start.  Check the frozen vegetable aisle of your local grocery stores and see what you can find that will add to your well stocked pantry.

When you are working with fresh vegetables, some varieties require blanching before placing in the dehydrator, but when working with frozen vegetables, the blanching is already done for you. 

Just open the bag and pour everything on the dehydrator trays in a single layer.  Some foods may require checking to remove anything you don't want in the finished product -- for instance, I like okra (think gumbo) but I have learned that the frozen sliced okra has the stem end of the okra pods in the bag - obviously the big machine that cuts the okra doesn't know to remove the stems.  Just look through whatever food you are dehydrating and remove anything you consider undesirable.

Then put everything in the dehydrator and turn on for the desired time.  You can even mix what you dehydrate - a tray of carrots, a tray of peas, a tray of okra - you get the idea.  Quick, easy, convenient and customizable - what more can you ask for?

For detailed instructions, check out the dehydrating page for frozen vegetables.

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