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Cell Phone Tracking Apps for Covid19

In a rare joint effort, Google and Apple are teaming up to implement a contact-tracking app to their phone systems - while at least theoretically - protecting our privacy. The apps will use the bluetooth-based technology and will work across both the iOS and Android phones.

Rollout of this new feature (Phase 1) is estimated for mid-May. The basics are that when you are within 30 feet of another human (with a cell phone) and you spend more than a few minutes in that proximity, each phone will exchange with the other phone a unique identifier number. The identifier number will be stored for 2 weeks. If a person gets sick and is tested positive for Covid19 - and obtains a confirmation code from their health-care provider, that person can go in the app on their phone and set it to identify all persons who they were in near-enough contact with over the past 2 weeks for their phone to have exchanged a unique identifier number. . . . . then the other people (with a matching identifier number) would receive a message on their phone indicating they may have been exposed and they should seek medical assistance, etc.

On one hand, this sounds like a great service but there are a few “What Abouts?”:
  • What about touching a surface that was contaminated - with Covid19 or any other contagious organisms - your phone will not track physical contact.
  • What about breathing air in a public building - everyone is sharing the same air and depending on the quality of AC filters in use, Covid19 (and anything else) may pass right through the filter.
  • What if the other person has their phone turned off - and only turns it on when THEY want to use it - for their convenience and/or safety - the app only works when both phones are on - and if they have the bluetooth enabled.
  • Do you really trust Google, Apple, or the authorities to not retain private information - or to store/share that information?

Back in 2011, a similar app called FluPhone was developed in the UK - only about 1% of the population chose to participate. One would expect a much higher percentage of people to participate after the COVID19 experience, but concerns over privacy might still prevail.

Yun William Yu, a professor at the University of Toronto believes you CAN develop an app that serves contact-tracing, yet will still preserve privacy. The question is will he and his project team members prevail?

If you don't want to participate in this technology, you 'may' have a few options:

  • Turn Google Play Store off and only turn it on if/when you want to download an app of your choice
  • Turn off Blue-tooth (more on the health benefits of not using BlueTooth in another article)
  • Turn off location and only turn it on when YOU specifically need the GPS capabilities

In addition to apps that can be loaded onto your phone - with or without your approval or even knowledge - the battery in your phone already provides a surprisingly accurate method of tracking you - now.

5G is really about improving the tracking capabilities - of knowing where you are and how long you are there - but in light of these new apps using the already existing bluetooth technology (or your battery) to track your location(s) one has to wonder at the new and improved capabilities that will be available to the 'authorities' soon.

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