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Comparison of Canning Seals

In the early phases of the Covid19 lockdown experience, I realized I would have extra time and thought I would can some dried beans - always nice to have on hand.  I had been thinking about changing brands of canning seals for some time and since I was down to only a few boxes of regular size seals, thought this would be a great time to order some from Lehmans.  They have been around forever and I knew they carried the seals in bulk packaging at a better price than the local stores around town with the Kerr/Ball brands in the small boxes.

 . . . . . well, it was the most interesting thing . . . seems that everyone else had the same idea and just like milk, eggs, butter, chicken and the like, the cupboard was bare . . . Lehmans is 'still' backordered.  I kept looking around and happily located bulk seals at Fillmore Container.  I ordered a bulk sleeve (175) of the regular size generic gold - these - and within only a couple of days they arrived.  Just a side note - when they arrived, there were 2 paper sleeves, but the count was correct, a bit misleading, but accurate nonetheless.

Truly, other than the printing on the Kerr/Ball seals, I cannot tell the difference.  I have canned 4 different projects (dried beans, mushroom, sausage and chicken broth) testing out the seals.  Each time I used half Kerr/Ball seals and half generic seals from Fillmore - with excellent results.  I had 2 jars of beans not seal (very normal for dried beans) - 1 was a Kerr seal and 1 was a Ball seal.  I will be ordering the widemouth size next as I am completely satisfied with these seals -- and especially the price.

I see on a lot of forums around the internet people who have been canning a long time express dissatisfaction with the newer seals - the rubber ring has less rubber and the new seals are actually thinner than the seals of past years (really a long time ago).  I will admit that today's seals don't have the really strong PING that you used to hear with the thicker seals, but they seal beautifully and I have not NO - repeat NO - loss from these newer, thinner seals and the shelf life is just as good (for me anyway) as the old seals used to be -- and additionally, I think they may have a better seal rate in general.

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