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Do you know it's already in human trials?  Do you know it will be global?
DNA-Based Vaccines Are Straight Ahead

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Covid19 vs Past Years

In the 2017-18 flu season, over 80,000 people died from flu and it's complications, with over 900,000 hospitalizations related to the flu.  (source) -- remember this is 2 years ago - before Covid19.  As of May 11, 2020 deaths in the US from Covid19 are at 80,653 - but even that number is suspect due to the fact that doctors were told to assign Covid19 as the reason for death in cases that the doctors did not feel were Covid related.  The same is strongly true in Italy where ANY death in a facility that had at least 1 patient with Covid was deemed to be a Covid related death.   This should give you 'cause to pause' and think. 

Let's put it in perspective:
During the 2017-2018 season, the percentage of deaths attributed to pneumonia and influenza (P&I) was at or above the epidemic threshold for 16 consecutive weeks. During the past five seasons, the average number of weeks this indicator was above threshold was 11 (range of 7 to 15 weeks). Nationally, mortality attributed to P&I exceeded 10.0% for four consecutive weeks, peaking at 10.8% during the week ending January 20, 2018.  (Source:

My point is that every year, thousands of people die from the flu and it's complications - flu related deaths are the 3rd most common cause of death.  You cannot be paranoid of the 'next' strain of a flu - is Covid19 bad - absolutely! - but keep a calm perspective. 

In an article by Dr. Marc Sorenson, EdD, he explains what coronovirus is, how the immune system reacts to the virus in the body and how the virus creates a Cytokine storm in the body.  In very simple terms, the body's immune system tries to help, but gets out of control and doesn't turn off - leading to cellular damage in the lungs, hence pneumonia.

While the experience of Covid19 has - perhaps - awakened a nation and the world to a higher level of knowledge about coronovirus, there is much to be learned about the benefits of fresh air (outside), sunshine (outside), a healthy immune supporting diet (daily), as they compare to vaccines and drugs.  More on that soon!

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